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Potty Time

by Bev.

We’ve had potties dotted around the place for the last few months now. We were kind of keen to get Dyl potty-trained but never really got round to it so having the potties lying around was our attempt at ‘getting him used to them’ in a non-commital way really.

He was very happy to muck about in them, stand in them, put them on his head, put things in them, and every now and then he would even sit on them – sometimes with his nappy off even! So, yes, I guess he was used to them!

Anyway, today I was changing his nappy mid-afternoon when he ran off. I shouted for him to come back but when he didn’t return, I went to follow him. There he was in the bathroom, sitting on his potty doing a wee  and a poo!

I was delighted and a bit shocked!

He got two animal stickers which he was delighted with.

So, I am guessing that I should realise that my 20 month old boy is now ready to be potty-trained and that I have to start putting the effort in. So, to the shops we go for big-boy pants! Watch this space!!!

A Bean is Born

by Bev.

Well, after nearly a year in the making, we are nearly, very nearly ready to launch the site!

Just a little bit more tweeking to do and then we will go live, albeit quite quietly at first to test the water.

It’s been a funny old year when we think back to last August when we first started thinking about designing our own little shoes and putting some rough little illustrations together and developing little characters.


And now to see them come to life, and not only that, but to have hundreds and thousands of the little guys sitting upstairs in the office waiting to get hold of some tiny toes – well it’s all just a bit surreal really.

So, we got our delivery last week which was hugely exciting. The whole family got involved investigating the contents of the huge cartons. Dylan enjoyed delving deep into the boxes to pick out a chosen pair with exclamations of ‘woah’ and ‘wow’, whilst Alvin the bunny mucked in breaking down the cardboard boxes for us; Al stood back and took photos of the momentous and happy event and I got stuck in trying to create some kind of system to organise this sudden addition to our household! It’s all fun!

We are so excited about the forthcoming weeks and seeing our year’s worth of planning and drawing and building and financing all come to a head and seeing if anyone actually likes what we’ve done.

I guess we will see soon!