Potty Time

by Bev.

We’ve had potties dotted around the place for the last few months now. We were kind of keen to get Dyl potty-trained but never really got round to it so having the potties lying around was our attempt at ‘getting him used to them’ in a non-commital way really.

He was very happy to muck about in them, stand in them, put them on his head, put things in them, and every now and then he would even sit on them – sometimes with his nappy off even! So, yes, I guess he was used to them!

Anyway, today I was changing his nappy mid-afternoon when he ran off. I shouted for him to come back but when he didn’t return, I went to follow him. There he was in the bathroom, sitting on his potty doing a wee ¬†and a poo!

I was delighted and a bit shocked!

He got two animal stickers which he was delighted with.

So, I am guessing that I should realise that my 20 month old boy is now ready to be potty-trained and that I have to start putting the effort in. So, to the shops we go for big-boy pants! Watch this space!!!