Getting Children On Their Feet

by Bev.

It’s an amazing feeling to see your little family growing before your very eyes. From your little ones when they first open their eyes, say their first words, take their first steps, and then suddenly you’re waving to them at the school gate. It’s an amazing feeling to know that your child is safe, to know that they are learning, to know that they are happy and growing and becoming confident little things.

It hits you like a brick sometimes when you turn the TV on and you’re presented with more devestation from around the world – pictures of children dying of thirst, drowning at sea, abandoned, abused, employed to fight the enemy. And you wonder why you were chosen to be one of the lucky ones. The children that you see on TV are children just like mine and come from homes and families just like mine.

For the last 2 years, we have spent a lot of time fundraising for various charities but this autumn I was inspired by a friend who is going the extra mile.

My friend, Laura, has once again decided to make a difference and has joined a volunteer group who will be heading out to give help and hope to a refugee camp in Petra. There are 1200 survivors of the Yazidi Genocide at the camp, about to enter into a freezing winter. The volunteers hope to raise enough money to be able to buy as many vital supplies as possible to help them get through this.

From where I am, with my three kids running around me, it sometimes feels like I can’t do much to help out, except to guide my own children and teach them kindness so that in the future they will be good people. But then it came to me! I could dedicate AngelBean to charity. I could turn AngelBean into a fundraiser.

And so there it began. I talked my ideas through with my husband and we decided that nothing could give us more pleasure than to raise money to benefit other children through the sale of our shoes.

We set up ‘Name Your Price’ in the hope that customers will appreciate the chance to help other children around the world whilst shopping for their own children. We hope that people will be generous of course, but ultimately people should give what they can afford and what they would like to pay for the shoes.

It is our aim to donate to different charities through the year, taking only a tiny amount from the sale for ourselves to cover shipping.

It’s not a lot but every bit counts….