Our Shoes

We Love Baby Feet!

Angel Bean soft leather baby shoes are designed to give your baby ultra comfort for those growing little toes and we wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t let our own little Dylan wear.

We know how important those little pinkies are in their first years. Babies’ feet need space to grow and the room to move about, allowing their own muscles to develop, so that when the time is right, they take their first steps confidently and safely.

Angel Bean shoes are made with high quality leather uppers allowing the babies’ feet to breathe, and we use suede leather soles to prevent slipping for the more adventurous tots.

The elastic tops should do the job in holding the shoes on snugly, but we all know that when a baby spots something they like, it doesn’t stay put for long!

What Size?

Currently we stock two sizes of our soft leather baby shoes: 0-6 months and 6-12 months. This is because we feel that these shoes are best suited for pre-walkers and that when your baby starts toddling about, they may prefer something a bit more solid. We found that, even with Dylan’s big toes, he happily wore the 6-12 month size until he was 15 months old, and after that, he wanted ‘big-boy’ shoes!

However, should you get in touch with us to suggest an older size, we are considering this for the future.

Sizing Guide

Choosing the correct size for your baby’s growing feet is very important. We recommend that you measure your little one’s feet first to help choose a size.

Please use following table below as a guide to find a suitable size –

Age Length (cm) UK Size Euro Size US Size
0 – 6 months 11 0 – 2 16-18 1-3
6 – 12 months 12 2 – 3.5 18 – 20 3 – 5