Our Story

Angel Bean was started by me, Bev, back in 2009 when I gave birth to my first child, Dylan.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t lots of choice out there to dress his little toes – it was more a case of me being inspired by all the fun and very cute little shoes out there to do my own. With my boy next to me to laugh at the characters I created, or to throw beans at the ones he didn’t like, I felt I was in the perfect position to create some beautiful designs for the soft leather baby shoes that you see here today.

Dylan was a big part of the process, from trying on the samples we received and ‘testing’ his favourites, to ‘helping’ us unpack our stock in a very organised manner!

Coming up with our name was easy peasy. Our Dylan was also known as ‘Little Bean’ whilst still in my tummy and when we first met him, well let’s face it, all babies have their angelic moments! Even now, he can often be referred to as Angel Bean, when not being called Dilbert or Monkey Chops!

Our shoes have now been tried and tested by all three of our monkeys, Dylan, Betty and Robin. They all have their own favourites!

Everyday we consider ourselves to be very fortunate – to have our three little ones, to have our home, to have our friends and family around us and to feel safe. In 2016 we decided to try and put our range of shoes to good use and to see how much money they could raise for charity. We decided that every month we would look at supporting a different charity and asking our customers not to buy our shoes but to make a donation to our chosen charity in exchange for a pair.

Please do contact us if you have any charity suggestions for the future. We will also be sending stock out to Petra to try keep the cold off some of those tiny toes in the refugee camp and would welcome suggestions of how to help others.